Huli [Capsize] Recovery


To avoid a huli, brace on the right or brace on the left using a tipping string between ʻiako [outrigger boom], if available.

  1. Protect yourself: Hold on and shield your head.
  2. Surface and regroup: Adjust to the shock of the water and resurface while protecting your head.
  3. Secure the canoe: Hold onto the canoe and stow your paddle under a seat.
  4. Count off: The steersperson (Seat 6) calls for everyone to identify their seat number, starting with Seat 1.
  5. Position the canoe: Seats 1 and 6 position the bow and stern to control the canoe, ideally facing the wind or waves. If possible, they can hold paddles and personal items.
  6. Climb and hold: Seats 2 and 5 climb onto the hull, while Seats 3 and 4 swim under and hold onto the ama.
  7. Flip the canoe: On the steersperson’s count, everyone flips the canoe over.
  8. Cushion the impact: If possible, brake the ama to prevent it from hitting the water hard.
  9. Re-enter and bail: Seats 3 and 4 swim to the canoe, get in, and start bailing out water.
  10. Assist and direct: Seats 2 and 5 hang onto the ʻiako, while the steersperson (Seat 6) gets in and directs when others should enter.