Hospitality Chair

V 1.1

Reporting Line:
Reports to the President/Board of Directors.

Role Duration:
Annually appointed by the President/Board of Directors by March 1.

Role Overview:

Serving as an ambassador and liaison for He’e Nalu, the Hospitality Chair plays a vital role in the racing operations and morale of the membership.


  • Chair: Lead the Hospitality Committee. Set meetings and agendas. Run the meetings.
  • Event Coordination: Organize and oversee club events such as meetings, races, social gatherings, and award ceremonies.
  • Member Engagement: Foster a sense of community within the club. Engage with members to understand their needs and preferences and implement initiatives to foster connection and contribution.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Recruit and manage volunteers for club events, ensuring they are well-informed and motivated.
  • Equipment Coordination: Manage any equipment needed, such as tents, wind abatement, tables, utensils, and other food service needs.