Learn Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe!

All ages, recreational or competitive—everyone is welcome!

Learn about the sport on land, including its rich history in Hawaiʻi and Polynesia. Then, try out what you learned in the canoes on the water.

Newcomer Daddles

  • Every other Saturday (See all-club schedule)
  • 9:30 am
  • 101 Surf Sports at 115 3rd St, San Rafael
  • 90-minute duration
  • Free

Arrive at 9:15 am so we can talk a little beforehand. Please park on the street or in the high school parking lot.

The Details

We recommend:

  • Waterwear or clothes made with synthetic fibers (biking clothes and yoga pants are good)
  • Several layers (to adjust for comfort)
  • Mineral-based sunscreen (avoid ingredients oxybenzone and octinoxa)
  • Sunglasses (floating or with eyewear retainer straps)
  • Hats (made with synthetic fibers)
  • Slip-off shoes, sandals, water shoes, or flip-flops (no street shoes in the canoe)
  • Water (in a refillable drinking container)
  • Towel and change of dry clothes (leave in your vehicle)
  • Masks or face-coverings for land and dock are always welcome
  • Any medical needs, for example, an inhaler or EpiPen


  • Outrigger paddle, if you have one
  • PFD (personal flotation device), if you have one
  • Seat pad, if you have one
  • Dry bag or waterproof case for mobile phone

We provide:

  • Outrigger paddle
  • PFD (personal flotation device) Type II

We require:

  • A completed and signed waiver, see here
    Be sure to click the verification email, the waiver is invalid without it.


Let us know what Saturday works best for you, and tell us a bit about yourself, at or in the form below!