Getting Your Racing ID

To participate in NCOCA races, you need an NCOCA ID card.

To obtain one, you will need two photos:

  • Government ID (license, passport, anything that verifies your age)
  • Headshot

Here are some tips for the headshot:

  • Ensure you are in good lighting; daylight and outdoor settings are good options.
  • Avoid taking the photo too close or too far away; leave some clearance around your head.
  • Remove hats, beanies, sunglasses, etc. (Prescription glasses are acceptable.)
  • Ensure the background is clear; a plain wall is a good option.
  • Focus on your face and hold the camera steady to avoid blurry photos.
  • Do not apply filters to the photo.
  • Do not take a photo of a photo (e.g., taking a picture of your passport photo is not accepted).

Once you have both photos, send them to . There is no cost for a racing ID.