Race Chair

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Reporting Line:
The Race Chair reports directly to the President and Board of Directors.

Role Duration:
This role is appointed annually by the President and Board of Directors, with appointments finalized by March 1st each year.

Role Overview:

The Race Chair is tasked with overseeing and coordinating Heʻe Nalu’s race events, including the ‘Round the Rock: Alcatraz Challenge, various sprint regattas, and small craft races. The Race Committee, consisting of the Race Chair, Race Director(s), and volunteers, collaborates to ensure successful event execution.


  • Chair Duties: Leads the Race Committee, setting and managing meeting agendas and conducting the meetings effectively.  Assigns committee members to take responsibility for some of the following duties. Provides oversight to each committee.
  • Event Coordination: Organizes and supervises race day events, collaborating with race directors, team leaders, and Northern California Outrigger Canoe Association (NCOCA) officials.
  • Compliance Coordination: Secures venues for race events, liaising with jurisdictional agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard/Homeland Security, National Park Service, health departments, emergency services, and local municipal authorities.
  • Communications Coordination: Develops and executes communication strategies using club websites, social media, NCOCA, Southern California Outrigger Racing Association (SCORA), press releases, and outreach initiatives.
  • Volunteer Coordination: Assigns and oversees committee heads, who will commit to overseeing their committee volunteers. Assist committee heads in recruiting and managing volunteers, ensuring they are well-informed, organized, and motivated for the race events. Encourage committee heads to hold their own volunteer meetings.
  • Equipment Coordination: Oversees the management of necessary equipment, such as safety boats, canoes, tents, wind abatement solutions, tables, food service, and portable toilets. Coordinates with the harbormaster regarding water access, dock usage, and safety measures. Coordinates with coaches and towing drivers.
  • Safety Coordination: Develops and implements safety, communication, and emergency action plans in close collaboration with NCOCA race officials and both land-based and water-based safety teams.
  • Ceremony Coordination: Manages opening, awards, and closing ceremonies.
  • Apparel Coordination: Manages the design, production, online sales, and inventory of event apparel.
  • Financial Coordination: Manages the race budget, including tracking expenses, registration fee collection, contributions, cash flow, and financial reconciliation on the race day.
  • Post-Event Review: Analyzes feedback, participation rates, and expenses to continually improve future races.

Future: Commitment to remain available for the following year to provide expertise and insight to the new race chair and director (if applicable).