Equipment Chair

V 1.0

Reporting Line:
Reports to the President/Board of Directors.

Role Duration:
Annually appointed by the President/Board of Directors by March 1.

Role Overview:

The Equipment Chair is responsible for maintaining, managing, and overseeing all paddling equipment and sites, including canoes, paddles, safety gear, and storage areas. The role ensures that all equipment is in optimal condition for use and that the site meets the club’s operational needs and safety standards.


  • Chair: Lead the Equipment Committee. Set meetings and agendas. Schedule and run meetings, training, and work parties.
  • Leadership: Serve as a member of the leadership team, providing input and recommendations on equipment, best practices, and site-related decisions. Collaborate with leadership and members to ensure smooth operations.
  • Maintenance of Equipment: Regularly inspect and/or schedule necessary repairs for all canoes and paddling equipment. Manage inventory and keep records of maintenance activities.
  • Site Management: Oversee the club’s physical infrastructure, including docks, racks, and storage areas. Ensure facilities are clean, secure, and well-organized.
  • Safety Compliance: Ensure all activities comply with safety standards and regulations. Conduct regular safety audits and update safety protocols as needed.
  • Budget Management: Manage the budget for equipment purchase, repair, and facility upkeep. Procure high-quality equipment and supplies within budget constraints.
  • Training and Support: Train and support club members in proper equipment use and care. Develop and enforce safety guidelines for equipment use and maintenance.
  • Event Support: Prepare equipment and provide logistical support for club events, races, and other activities.
  • Liaison Work: Act as the point of contact between the club and external vendors, local authorities, and other stakeholders regarding site management and equipment.